IT Maintenance Plan

If you need intensive IT maintenance services we offer three types of maintenance plan:

  • Web maintenance plan for anything which is web-related
  • On-site maintenance plan for anything which is related to computers, network, printers and that require our physical presence (Hampton roads only)
  • Remote maintenance plan for anything which is related to computers and that we can fix remotely: viruses, software issues, etc.

You can pick one, two or three plans at the same time.

For each plan the principle is simple:

  • you purchase 5, 10 or 15 hours up front.
  • you get a 5%, 10% and 15% respectively on our regular hourly rates
  • Anytime griffin technology solutions llc has to work for you time is deducted from your plan by 1 minute period*
  • The plan should be used within a year
5 hours You save 10 hours You save 15 hours You save
Web maintenance plan $404 $21 $765 $85 $1084 $191
On-site maintenance plan $333 $17 $630 $70 $893 $158
Remote maintenance plan $285 $15 $540 $60 $765 $135

* for on-site maintenance plan, 1 hour minimum is deducted from the time balance