Computer Training for Seniors

Elderly people have a lots to bring to us and they can be easily put aside just because they were not born with a computer or iPhone in their hands!

We do offer computer training for seniors in Hampton Roads. We do one-to-one computer lessons at a secluded coffee shop or at home. Our sessions are completely customized depending on computer needs. It be can be as various as teaching:

  • how to use a mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • how to write and send an email
  • how to search for something on the Internet
  • how to print
  • how to do video call (with Skype, FaceTime, and Good Hangouts)
  • how to use Facebook
  • how to write a biography
  • and any demands related to computers

Rates for senior computer training are very affordable. Please feel free to make contact if you’re interested in this service for elderly people in Hampton Roads.

Elederly Couple